Millennium Gardens

New Jewel at The Danube

Gross Leasable Area

37,000 sqm




Why Budapest?

  • 1One of the most stable economies in Central Europe GDP Growth 2.1%; Inflation 0.4%; Unemployment 5.1%
  • 2Top destination for SSC’s and multinational corporations in the region By 2016 almost 100 companies employ nearly 50,000 workers in the SSC sector, because of the relatively low labor cost and the availability of skilled workforce.
  • 3Mature real-estate market with international standards
  • 4Easy to reach destination in the heart of Central Europe
  • 5One of the trendiest destinations in world tourism Budapest is among the top 25 global tourism destinations since years now according to Tripadvisor.


  • Gross Leasable Area overall: 37,000 sqm
    Gross Leasable Area overall: 37,000 sqm
  • Completion: 2021
    Completion: 2021
  • Unique design by award winning Finta Stúdió
    Unique design by award winning Finta Stúdió
  • General Floor Size: 3,650 sqm/floor
    General Floor Size: 3,650 sqm/floor
  • Parking spaces: 630
    Parking spaces: 630
  • Common Area Ratio under 2%
    Common Area Ratio under 2%

Exclusive component part of the area

The project is the final element of the Millennium City Center at the Danube between Petőfi and Rákóczi Bridge.

The South-Pest office corridor

Campus-like area with various services in
the offices and neighbourhood.

  • Developing city district
    Developing city district

    Existing office corridor with district-revitalising, residential and other business developments


    MÜPA, National Theatre, Dam Kopaszi, A38 event ship, cinema Lurdy, Budapest Park, restaurants and cafés


    Duna Medical Center, Hospital Szent László and Szent István, Children’s Hospital Heim Pál nearby


    Surrounded by a 1,5 ha park, River Danube


    Campus of the Corvinus University, Technical University, SOTE and the National University of Public Service nearby


    In-house restaurant on the ground floor for 400 people, garden with a fountaine & partly-covered terrace, ATM, bank, post office, supermarket, hair-dresser, fitness center, beauty studio, pharmacy, dedicated motorcycle parking

  • Built-to-suit opportunity<br>to provide the ideal workplace conditions
    Built-to-suit opportunity
    to provide the ideal workplace conditions
  • Landlord cooperation to realize “SMART”<br>office solutions
    Landlord cooperation to realize “SMART”
    office solutions
  • Technological and comfort solutions
    Technological and comfort solutions
    • Double electric feed
    • Full climatization
    • Sprinkler system
    • Raised floor
    • Electronically controlled shading system
    • Humidification
  • Secure evacuation
    Secure evacuation
    • 4 staircases within the 2 central cores

Sustainable Building Solutions

  • Usage of sustainable materials
  • Solutions to minimise operational energy consumption and cost
  • Individual control over lighting and heating
  • Energy efficient elevators and air conditioning system
  • Intelligent BMS (Building Management System)
  • Selective waste collection
  • Water filtering system for drinking water
  • Green certification – BREEAM
  • Electric car chargers


on-site operation

  • Info Existing conference facility in MÜPA
  • Info Full scope of facility and property management
  • Info 24/7 access to the building
  • Info Surveillance in public areas of the building

The developer

Millennium Gardens is
developed by TriGranit

„As a unique real estate development platform in Central Europe, we have unrivalled track-record to acquire and to develop prime and sustainable real-estate projects that define the landmarks of the region and have a positive impact on our stakeholders.”

  • WORLD-CLASS portfolio<br>of 2.5 billion euros
    WORLD-CLASS portfolio
    of 2.5 billion euros
  • TriGranit is one of the largest<br>real estate platforms in Central Europe
    TriGranit is one of the largest
    real estate platforms in Central Europe
  • Over 1.6 million developed sqm<br>and 50 completed projects in<br>7 countries in 2 decades
    Over 1.6 million developed sqm
    and 50 completed projects in
    7 countries in 2 decades
  • Complex leasing expertise<br>and tenant focused service
    Complex leasing expertise
    and tenant focused service
  • More than 50 highly prestigious<br>international awards
    More than 50 highly prestigious
    international awards
  • Unparalleled leasing and property<br>management track record in the 20<br>years of business
    Unparalleled leasing and property
    management track record in the 20
    years of business


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Millennium Gardens
1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 10B.
+36 1 456 6200


Mónika Takács
Leasing Manager
+36 70 197 9189


Stefan Cuvin
Development Director
+36 70 457 1228